Vin Diesel and Family Assemble for Action-Packed “Furious 7′ Trailer


While the first trailer dropping on a Saturday is an all-together curious move, we nonetheless have the first look at the action-packed seventh film in the The Fast & The Furious franchise, although now to save the effort of having to pronounce the entire title, this installment is simply known as Furious 7. (Still a bit of a let-down that they didn’t go with the even douche-ier Fur7ous, but whatever.)

The cast of characters from the previous six films are back (minus Han who we only see for a split second before he becomes past tense) and they’re on a mission for some high octane vengeance.

The franchise has become known for its ever increasingly ridiculous yet oddly entertaining stunts and this trailer doesn’t disappoint, with the first half showcasing a truncated action sequence involving a plane, a bus and yes, fast (bulletproof?) cars.

The second half jumps into the traditional, flashier trailer style with glimpses of Jason Statham and Kurt Russell playing the antagonists this time around and The Rock being, well, The Rock.

Furious 7 hits theaters April 3, 2015 and is directed by James Wan (yes, the horror movie James Wan). Check out the new  trailer and poster below.


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