Comics Corner: Poor Grumpy Batman, ‘Green Arrow’ Rules & ‘Gotham Academy’ Fails

Following last week’s massive pull list, this latest Comics Corner was delayed a bit. Thankfully, today’s pull list is much more manageable with only four titles (Batman Eternal 27, Wytches 1, Amazing Spider-Man 7 and Rocket Raccoon 4). Ok, so let’s jump into the good, bad and, um, something from last week’s comics.

Favorite Read of the Week

Green Arrow #35


Really had a tough time picking just one title for this honor this week. So I mentioned the three other solid reads down below. What set Arrow apart from the rest was the amount of story development they packed into one issue. Cameos by Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor were cool and the final page stinger was awesome! Can’t wait for the next issue.

Favorite Cover

Batman/Superman #14 Selfie Variant


The cover cracks me up every time I look at it. Poor, grumpy Batman.

Least Favorite Read of the Week

Edge of Spider-verse #4


Deja-vu for sure. The last Comics Corner featured issue 3 of this Spider-Man spin-off as my least favorite read. I’m not a huge fan of multi-title, multi-issue world building storylines. I often just wait for the trade paperbacks, but since I’m so far along down the road with this current Spider-Man story arc, I figured I’d just add it to the collection. What’s weird is I loved issue 2 of Edge. Mind you, this wasn’t the only title that I loathed reading. You can see the other one in the One and Done section.

One and Done

Gotham Academy #1


I just couldn’t get in to this story. I mentioned in the Pull List last week that this title isn’t my usual cup of tea and sure enough, a few pages in to it, I was already waving the white flag. But as they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained… although I’d like my $2.99 back for this title.

Other Solid, Recommended Reads: The Fade Out #2, Batman Eternal #26, The Walking Dead #132

Other Titles Read: Death of Wolverine #3, Detective Comics #35, Black Widow #11, Rat Queens #8

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