Pull List: ‘Batman,’ ‘Wolverine,’ and ‘Black Widow’ on a Busy Week in Comics

It’s a busy week on the pull list this week. I count 11 titles that I’ll be pulling off the shelves at my local shop… and that’s not including the variants. Here’s a look at what is on my list this week:

Detective Comics #35


This is the first chapter of a two-part story from the guest team of writer Ben Percy and artist John Paul Leon. The story – an appearance at Gotham Airport turns into a horror show for Batman when a plane full of dead passengers arrives on the runway. With a set up like that, here’s hoping the second part delivers a satisfying conclusion in a few weeks. This is Percy’s first venture into the mainstream comic world after writing numerous novels. He wrote the graphic novel Refresh, Refresh which was named on of the top ten comics by USA Today in 2009. Here are the first three pages, courtesy of CBR.




Fade Out #2


If it feels like forever since Fade Out #1 debuted and quickly sold out, well, it has been. Finally, we get the second issue of this Ed Brubaker/Sean Phillips firecracker. This issue continues to examine the murder of a Hollywood starlet. Was it a cover up or did she commit suicide and how does the show go on with a dead leading lady and an unfinished film? A couple of preview pages for you:




Gotham Academy #1


Becky Cloonan (Killjoys, Conan the Barbarian) teams with co-writer Brendan Fletcher with art by Karl Kerschl (Superboy, Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers) for this latest DC Batman/Gotham spin-off.  This first issue introduces us to the students and teachers at Gotham City’s most prestigious prep school. This new, monthly teen drama doesn’t really seem like a title I’d normally pick up and admittedly is my most reluctant pick-up on this week’s pull list. Here is the variant cover as well as a few preview pages to give you a taste of this new title:





Black Widow #11


This series continues to be one of my favorites. It’s also often the quickest read since writer Nathan Edmondson is uses dialogue very sparingly and instead, lets Phil Noto’s art tell the story. This series has been action-packed through the first ten issues and shows no signs of letting up here. In #11, we pick up after Wolverine’s death with Widow teaming with X-23. Here’s the variant Deadpool cover as well as the first three pages:





 Death of Wolverine #3


Ah, the Marvel cash cow. Part three of this four-part saga hits shelves with three variant covers (that I’m aware of) and finds Wolverine battered from his last battle traveling back to Japan with Kitty Pride in tow. Not all is serene in the Land of the Rising Sun though as old foes emerge. I’m not going to tell you any more since Marvel spoils the hell out of this issue with the remaining summary. Instead, here are the three variant covers as well as the first couple of pages from this issue:






Other titles I’ll be pulling this week: Batman Eternal #26, Green Arrow #35, The Walking Dead #132, Edge of Spider-verse #4, Thor #1, Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier #1 Skottie Young variant.

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