NYCC: Disney Unveils ‘Big Hero 6’ Sizzle Reel and First Trailer for ‘Tomorrowland’

New York Comic Con is in full swing and Disney took to the big stage today to showcase Big Hero 6 and Tomorrowland.

First Tomorrowland which revealed first look pictures and plot hints earlier this week. The first trailer unveiled today centers primarily around Casey Newton played by Britt Robertson. In the trailer, we see where she acquires the pin with George Clooney spouting off “What If…” dialogue.

Speaking of George, he surprised fans by joining the panel today which included Robertson, Hugh Laurie, director Brad Bird and writer Damon Lindelof.

“Hugh, it is not lost on me that I m spending my honeymoon at Comic-Con,” Clooney said, then added, “It’s good to see you all. If you guys need to know anything about the plot just ask me… Everybody dies in the end.”


Tomorrowland is in theaters May 22, 2015.

Lindelof and Bird later talked with Marvel following the panel. Watch that video below:

Disney’s other big push today was their Marvel property Big Hero 6. While the trailers haven’t varied much, there isn’t much that can be shown without spoiling the movie ahead of its November 7 release.




Panelists included Genesis Rodriguez, Jamie Chung, Ryan Potter and others.

Major panels coming up tomorrow include AMC’s Comic Book Men with Kevin Smith, Agents of SHIELD, Crunchyroll’s Industry Panel, Voltron 30th Anniversary Panel and a somewhat mysterious Harry Potter NYC panel.

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