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100 Years of Movies in 100 Days – Day 94 – Finding Nemo (2003)

Buddies set off an adventure.

Buddies set off an adventure.

Aww Nemo… My favorite part of this movie has always been the turtles ridin’ the E.A.C. (that’s the East Australian Current, duuuuude) I remember absolutely laughing myself to tears when I first saw them in the theater. For me, that’s where the fun begins. Sure Bruce and his shark buddies and the freaky lightbulb fish are fun to watch, but for me, the fun starts when Dory and Marlin are riding on the backs of Crush and his turtle family.



Watching this movie again reminded me of the extreme detail that Pixar puts into its animation. Sure Toy Story and Monsters Inc. are very well-made, but the mount of background detail that goes into creating something like the ocean is something unlike any other Pixar movie out there. I’m always amazed when I’m watching this movie becuase it doesn’t feel like I’m watching an animated film.

We’re gonna switch gears tomorrow and enter the world of Will Ferrell. Five to go!

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