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100 Years of Movies in 100 Days – Day 92 – Monsters Inc. (2001)

Sometimes car-pooling sucks.

Sometimes car-pooling sucks.

Oh man, I just got back from the Drafthouse screening of Four Lions at the Regent Theater in Westwood Village. (That’s the area around the UCLA campus for the out-of-towners/foreigners). The screening also included a Q&A session with one of the stars of the movie, Kayvan Novak who, along with Nigel Lindsay absolutely steal this movie. Riz Ahmed also turns in an excellent performance and the dialogue snaps with constantly hilarious moments that will leave you laughing in tears. My favorite moments, among the many in this movie, are the “I used different voices” bit, the “Is a Wookie a bear?” bit and the “F**k Mini-Babybel” line that gets said in the background.

But enough about that movie and onto to today’s Day 92 movie, which finally gave em a chance to screen a Pixar movie. (Although I’ll be watching Finding Nemo on Monday. For the sea turtles, of course.) Anyway, I had originally wanted to screen Toy Story for 1995 but ended up with The Usual Suspects, which I don’t regret, and frankly, I think of the all the Pixar movies, Monsters gets the least love. I mean, I guess you can’t really blame kids for not liking a big, blue furry monster or a one-eyed tennis ball. Though, after watching this, I’m now slightly more eager to see how the sequel turns out in 2012. I better not be a retread of the same story (ahem, Toy Story 3) and Cars 2 looks promising.

Jihad... Four Lions-style. Freakin' hilarious!

Jihad... Four Lions-style. Freakin' hilarious!

Well, tomorrow, I’ll check out Bourne, Jason Bourne in the movie that kicked off a franchise and launched Matt Damon into superstardom. And also hitting a screening of Conviction at the new Beach Cities ArcLight. Til then, don’t put any beans on your nob, bombs on crows or bump into a flock of sheep while carrying sensitive explosives. (Yes, those are all references to Four Lions.)

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