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Review: ‘Peter Rabbit’ Proves to be Wonderfully Enjoyable for All Ages


After years of subjecting families to Chipmunks “Squeak-quels” Sony Animation has moved on to a different creature in Peter Rabbit.

The modern reboot of the Beatrix Potter’s classic story comes to life with late night talk show host and car-aoke creator James Corden voicing the title character. At this point, Corden is essentially a veteran voice actor with films like Trolls, The Emoji Movie, and Planet 51 on his resume.

Colin Moody voices cousin Ben while Elizabeth Debicki, Margot Robbie and Daisy Ridley round out the colony of rabbits as Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cotton-Tail respectively.

Much like the Chipmunk movies, Peter Rabbit does a nice job of blending live action with CGI creatures and while I went in expecting something along the lines of The Smurfs (cringe) I walked out pleasantly surprised and entertained.

There are plenty of jokes for audience members of all ages with some very clever tongue-in-cheek dialogue.

The animation is seamless as well while the film’s two human live action leads – Domhnall Gleeson (who seems like he’s in everything lately) and Rose Byrne (also who seems like she’s in everything lately) do a fantastic job.

I thoroughly enjoyed Ridley’s off-center Cotton-Tail (I now refer to her as Daisy Cottontail) but found Robbie’s lisp-y Flopsy a bit difficult to understand at times.

You can get a taste of all three actresses as they recite dialogue in this side-by-side character video that was released a few weeks ago.

Regardless of minor flaws and gripes, Peter Rabbit is a wonderful film to watch both in theaters and absolutely as a rental. This is one movie I will definitely be purchasing when it becomes available on home video.

Check out the film’s premiere which took place at The Grove in Los Angeles last week.

This is the first of three films that Sony Animation is releasing this year. Hotel Transylvania 3 and the Goosebumps sequel are due up later this year. Peter Rabbit marks a solid start to 2018 for Sony’s animation department.

If all of that didn’t at least make you curious to check out the movie, here’s Robbie to chat about the movie.

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