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100 Years of Movies in 100 Days – Day 63 – The Godfather (1972)

"Yes Godfather, your new cologne smella very nice."

"Yes Godfather, your new cologne smella very nice."

Since I’m madder that Sonny Corleone right now and my knuckles are a bit numb from punching the heavy bag in frustration for the past ten minutes, I’m gonna keep this one short. If The Social Network taught me anything, it was to not blog when you’re angry, no matter how cathartic it may be. That and Justin Timberlake plays a real convincing douche. Damn, see what I mean! OK, it’s 1972, there’s only one movie you could possibly even consider watching for this year and it’s The Godfather. Two weddings, a bunch of dead Corleones and Al Pacino owns Vegas. Honestly, if you haven’t seen The Godfather, do yourself a favor and go rent yourself a copy. I’m going to stop here because I was about to say something that I would have really regretted saying. Let’s just stop here. This can only get worse.

My current inner me.

My current inner me.

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