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100 Years of Movies in 100 Days – Day 62 – Diamonds Are Forever (1971)

Jill St. John and Sean Connery in "Diamonds Are Forever"

Jill St. John and Sean Connery in "Diamonds Are Forever"

Originally I had planned on watching Straw Dogs but since I’m not particularily in the mood to watch Susan George get brutally raped or watch Dustin Hoffman lose his freakin’ mind defending his house/life/wife I instead switched to my second choice – Diamonds Are Forever if, for any other reason, just to watch Jill St. John and Lana Wood trade sexually-charged lines of innuendo with Sean Connery. Sure I could’ve gone with A Clockwork Orange but, again, you have another rape sequence in that movie. Hmm.. lotta raping going on in 1971 movies. Must’ve been the drugs.

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