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Alicia Vikander Talks ‘Tomb Raider’ and Growing up with Lara Croft

It’s been 15 years since Tomb Raider was last in theaters and like with most things in the movie world after some years have melted away, it’s time for a reboot!

Tomb Raider, this time starring Oscar-winning actress Alicia Vikander (never get tired of saying that) arrives in theaters March 16 and starts alllll the way from the very beginning in Lara Croft’s life.


On growing up with Tomb Raider

As a young girl, I didn’t have any video games, so I was always very excited to go to our friends’ houses who did. I remember when they played Lara Croft, what struck me was that I hadn’t seen a girl being the lead character in a game before. She was not only a woman, but she was extremely fierce, determined, and capable and that really drew me to her.

On what drew her to the project

When I heard about this film, I went and bought the newer games as well. It really felt like it was the essence of Lara from the earlier versions, but now we got to follow her from the beginning. For me, she’s like the superheroes and action heroes we love; by seeing their journey to become the super versions of themselves, we get to feel close to them and get to understand them, emotionally.


On what impressed her about the film

I was very impressed that the film included all the characteristics you see in her in the games. For our purposes, she simply hasn’t had to use all those tools yet, and that’s what the film is about. It’s also nice to play a girl who takes up room, who dares to be loud and outspoken, yet open to showing her vulnerability.

On working with Walter Goggins

Walton is one of the most passionate actors I’ve met. He came in every day with 100 percent energy, love and care for his role and for everyone on set, always making sure that not only was his character working, but that the scene worked for everyone. He made Mathias Vogel a proper villain, the kind that plays games with your mind and sort of sneaks up on you, which is really scary.


On how amazing the set was

The set was incredible. So many times, I walked in and pinched myself, because I’m the biggest fan of adventure films and I never expected to walk right into one in such a realistic way. The space they created and the sarcophagus… everything. The little girl in me was just so thrilled. I was really magical.


Tomb Raider is in theaters March 16. Get your tickets here.

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