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Creating ‘Tomb Raider’ Look, Courting Villains, and Battling Scorpions on Set

Tomb Raider returns to the big screen after a 15 year absence and the cast and crew are sharing their thoughts and experiences of making Lara Croft’s latest adventure.

Yesterday we posted star Alicia Vikander’s thoughts on the film and today, the rest of the cast and crew including director Roar Uthaug and Walter Goggins who plays the film’s main villain weigh in.


On the Father-Daughter Relationship in the Film

The father-daughter relationship is at the core of our story. He abandoned her, yet she clearly cannot let go of him. It’s created a void in Lara that she’s been trying to fill, and this final puzzle box quite literally provides the key that starts her investigating what happened to him, and leads her to embark on this great quest. – Uthaug

On what Alicia Vikander Brings to the Role

Alicia is relentless, she doesn’t quit. She brings authenticity to every scene and such engagement to every part of the process. If it’s an emotional scene or a funny moment or a big action sequence, everything she does rings true. – Uthaug


What Attracted Goggins to the Villain Role

I’ve never been a gamer. I think the last game I played was Donkey Kong. I knew nothing about Tomb Raider coming in and I liked not having the pressure of viewing things through that optic. It was a fresh read for me. I didn’t know if my Vogel existed in the game and I didn’t ask. I knew the filmmakers would honor the canon in various ways. I saw my character as a three-dimensional human being and I worked from there. – Walter Goggins


Goggins on Working with Alicia Vikander

Alicia is a real powerhouse. I’d met her before and had always thought if we ever had a chance to work together it could be really special, and on the very first take inside Vogel’s tent, we looked at each other and said, “Yeah, this is gonna be good.” – Goggins


On Designing the Look of Lara Croft

It was important to us that Lara Croft look like Lara Croft in the video game because that’s what the fan base would look for. We started there, tweaking the costume to allow for all the stunt work. From the moment she washes up on that shore, it’s just non-stop action. – Costume Designer Timothy Wonsik

On Filming in South Africa

Shooting in wine country in South Africa sounded like a good idea, until we found ourselves in a blazing hot quarry with scorpions everywhere. The tomb entrance was an abandoned granite quarry that I think hadn’t been used for 80 years. — Uthaug


Tomb Raider is in theaters March 16. Get tickets here.

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