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‘Star Wars’ Takes Over Ani-Com and Games Convention

The Ani-Com and Games Converntion has begun in Hong Kong and Hot Toys has revealed a number of new Star Wars and Marvel collectibles. I’m going to divide the pictures into those two galleries. You can see the Marvel Hot Toys pictures here.

Now then, on to the Star Wars collectibles and it all begins with this massive display:


Impressive, but what about the individual characters? We don’t see anything from the upcoming The Force Awakens film, but instead, the standard collection of Han, Leia, Luke, Darth, and Boba Fett. Take a look below.





But back to that massive display. Here are a few pics of the set up courtesy of the South China Morning Post.





And in case you were wondering, yes, Star Wars: Battlefront has a display at the convention, complete with a cute girl dressed in a PlayStation maid outfit wielding a light saber.

BattlefrontWe’ll have more from Ani-Com and Games Con in the next few days. Don’t forget to check out the Marvel collectibles which include LOTS of Iron Man and Avengers collectibles as well as a few Ant-Man items.

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