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Hot Toys Showcases Tons of New Marvel Collectibles at Ani-Com and Games Convention

Disney is out in full force at the Ani-Com and Games Convention in Hong Kong this weekend with their lucrative subsidiary properties Star Wars and Marvel. I have split the galleries in two and you can view the Star Wars collectibles and the massive display by clicking on that bold text.


Meanwhile, Marvel is certainly making a big push with a ton of new collectible items and, no surprisingly, a lot of them are centered around Iron Man. So let’s get the various versions of Tony Stark out of the way first:






While Iron Man is certainly the face of Marvel at the moment, there are other characters who are showcased at the event as well, namely The Avengers which, yes, include Iron Man. Check out the new items below:



There are even new mini versions of the characters available (and not the kind that come in those annoying blind boxes).


Among the other solo new character collectibles are Drax (and his many hands) from Guardians of the Galaxy and the two main characters from Ant-Man.




We’ll have more from the Ani-Com and Games Convention in the next few days. Don’t forget to check out the new Star Wars collectibles and the massive display they have set up!

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