Mark Wahlberg is ‘The Six Billion Dollar Man’


Mark Wahlberg is teaming up with Peter Berg again for a film adaptation of the 1970s TV show The Six Million Dollar Man. The film version will be titled The Six Billion Dollar Man. Nice to see they took inflation into account.

Wahlberg will star as former astronaut Steve Austin (not the 3:16 WWE Steve Austin, although I’d totally watch that). Austin is “badly damaged” in an experimental plane crash but is saved when doctors fit him with bionic replacements for both legs, his right arm and left eye. With his new abilities, Austin becomes a powerful government agent. Hmm, kinda sounds like this guy:


The Six Billion Dollar Man will begin production sometime next year and aim for a 2016 release. The Weinstein Brothers are producing and distributing the film.

Wahlberg and Berg worked together on Lone Survivor. No word on if the success of this movie will open up a Bionic Cinematic Universe for the Weinsteins with The Bionic Woman and other spin-off characters. (Kidding about that last part, although, in a sad, weird way, not really.)


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