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Comics Corner: Batman, Harley Quinn, Wolverine & a Boring Spider-Man Spin-Off

If you follow along on Instagram (you totally should), you know that every Wednesday since way back when, I’ve been posting pics of my weekly comics pull. For a while now, I tried to figure out a way to highlight the various titles I pick up each week and eventually, this column has been born. Each week, I’ll break down the various titles I pick up and dish on favorites and, oh, not so favorites.

So with that being said, let’s jump into this week’s pull of titles.

Favorite On-Going Story


Batman Eternal #25

After several issues of character and story build-up, Batman Eternal has reached its tipping point and the next few issues promise to be a thrill to read. We’re about halfway through this weekly series and some familiar villains *ahem* Bane are expected to appear in the coming weeks.

Favorite Cover


Savage Wolverine #23

I relegated Savage Wolverine to the discount/dollar bin a while back, but when I saw the cover for the latest issue, I HAD to pick it up. I wish the sakura flowers were embossed and added some texture to the cover. The story itself follows a familiar theme currently established in the Death of Wolverine series, with a bunch of guys hunting down Wolverine in the Canadian Rockies. The wolf subplot was heartbreaking, especially toward the end.

Favorite Specialty Cover


Harley Quinn: Futures End #1

Thank goodness the DC Futures End specialty covers are coming to a close this week. I haven’t really cared much for these one-shots and can’t wait to fall back into the regular storylines from the various titles that took a break this month. That being said, my favorite cover is the Harley Quinn one-shot, although the Catwoman is pretty cool/freaky. The story is okay and Harley benefits with having its regular writer Amanda Conner penning the island caper.

Least Favorite Title This Week


Edge of Spider-verse #3

I understand this is all about world building and establishing the variations of Spider-Man that will pay off in upcoming issues of Amazing Spider-Man, but I found this particular issue very dull and uninteresting… which is exactly the opposite of how I felt with Edge of Spider-verse #2 with Gwen Stacy. Two more Edge issues await along with Spider-Man 2099 #5 and Amazing Spider-Man #7 & #8 before the series is completed. IF you’re interested in the previously released issues in this series, they are Edge #1 and Superior Spider-Man #32 and #33.

Other Titles in the Pull: Saga #23, Low #3, Futures End: Catwoman #1

So those were my pick ups this week. Which titles did you pick up? What were your favorites and not so favorites? Comment below!

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