‘Entourage’ Movie is Officially A Go!


Looks like all the back room wheeling and dealing has been completed. Earlier this evening, actor Adrian Grenier announced via his Facebook page that the long-awaited Entourage movie was officially “a go.”

Grenier and co-star Jerry Ferrera (Turtle) were reportedly the final two hold-outs from the film officially moving into production. The argument stemmed around back-end profits from the film adaptation and the fact that co-star Jeremy Piven was getting a larger chunk of the money compared to his co-stars.

Lawyers, managers and agents from all sides met late last week to hash things out and it looks like a deal was reached over the weekend.

Grenier offers no further details as to how things were resolved, but with the business side of things taken care of, we can now look forward to a film version of the hit HBO series arriving in theaters sometime either late 2014 or (more likely) in 2015.

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