Battle Arena Featured in Final ‘Catching Fire’ Trailer


There has been much speculation as to what the Battle Arena in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire would look like.

Tonight, the final trailer was released offering us our first look at the battle grounds as well as some new footage from the film due in theaters November 22.

The trailer is brief (about a minute long) but it packs in a lot. Personally, this is the trailer that has won me over to watching the film in theaters. I know, Games fans, I should have been psyched to see this sequel from  the get-go, but after the shaky cam footage from the first film, I had my reservations (not to mention Francis Lawrence’s resume as a director)

Check out the final trailer below and get your tickets for U.S. screenings here. You can also buy tickets for special double feature screenings of the The Hunger Games and Catching Fire here.

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