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100 Years of Movies in 100 Days – Day 97 – V For Vendetta (2006)

Sorry I shaved your head, but look! I made a snazzy wig out of the clippings! Whadaya think?

Sorry I shaved your head, but look! I made a snazzy wig out of the clippings! Whadaya think?

Nothing like the vivacious vixen of virtuous vendetta-tude to wind down a day where I’ve spent monitoring the Harry Potter World Premiere from London and then gathering photos of said premiere and then blogging about said premiere. Suffering from Harry Potter burn-out. But still excited for the screening next Wednesday! And then I’m gonna watch it again next weekend! Woo hoo!

Anyway, back to Natalie Portman and Hugo “Mr. Anderrrrrsonnn” Weaving in V For Vendetta. This movie is easily one of my favorites from the first decade of the new century/millenia. Such excellent performances by Portman (and not cuz she shaved her head) and Weaving. I don’t know what more to say about this movie other than, if you haven’t seen it, well, dammit, see it! Tomorrow, Juno, Saturday Slumdog Millionaire and then Day 100 on Sunday. Can’t wait.

Oh yea, I said I would share my thoughts on last night’s screening of Morning Glory in here. So here goes:

Has some decent laughs in the middle of the movie once Rachel McAdams reaches her breaking point and decides to shake things up. The rest of the movie feels slow and the incessant music (esp. in the beginning) is a bit annoying. The movie does have its faults (i.e. Diane Keaton “rapping” with 50 Cent and Harrison Ford’s character is really hard to relate with (think Clint “Get Off My Lawn” Eastwood in “Gran Torino” but in a less charming way) but Rachel McAdams and certainly Jeff Goldblum make the most of a script that, at times, bounces around all over the place. Also, while I like Patrick Wilson, the love story subplot became distracting and the story becomes somewhat contrived toward the end. But if you go in expecting 115 minutes of Rachel McAdams looking cute, Harrison Ford being a grumpy jackass and Goldblum nailing another supporting role, then you’ll like M.G. I can’t really say this is a date movie, even though it is a rom-com, since the focus is more on Rachel trying to achieve her dreams of being a kickass producer, which I guess is part of the problem with this movie.

So there you go.

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