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100 Years of Movies in 100 Days – Day 96 – Batman Begins (2005)

Honey, we're home.

Honey, we're home.

To kick off the final five movies, today’s movie features the re-birth of the Gotham Knight a.k.a. Batman, featuring Christian Bale as Chris Nolan’s Dark Knight in Batman Begins.

Having grown up watching all the Batman movies (I think I still have the giant promo cup from Taco Bell with the Govenator as Mr. Freeze on it) I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Were we going to get something like the Michael Keaton Batman or was it going to skew into the cartoonish Joel Schumacher Batman. I have faith in Chris Nolan and his projects. Even from when he was starting out with Memento starring Guy Pearce, Joey Pants and Trinity (from the Matrix), I knew he was a different kind of story-teller/director. Principally, he told actual stories that were both entertaining and made with some thought.

Of course, now that he’s blown up into mega superstardom with Dark Knight and Inception, we’re all familiar with his work. But to think in six short years, he went from indie director with a cult movie to the most sought-after writer/director in the biz is some pretty damn uplifting stuff. I could cry. But I’m not, cuz the Joker might grab me by the mug and ask me, “Why….soooo… serious?!”… OK, different movie, but whatever.

I’ll share thoughts of Morning Glory in tomorrow’s post. Four to go!

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