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100 Years of Movies in 100 Days – Day 21 – The Dawn Patrol (1930)

Douglas Fairbanks Jr. guns 'em down in the final sequence of "The Dawn Patrol"

Douglas Fairbanks Jr. guns 'em down in the final sequence of "The Dawn Patrol"

This certainly wasn’t my favorite Howard Hawkes movie. That title remains in a tie between Bringing Up Baby and Rio Bravo. But that been said, this movie certainly had that classic Hawkes touch. The smooth, effortless storyline, the big finish at the end, I knew I wasn’t going to hate this movie. In a way, it was kinda like Top Gun before Top Gun existed. And considering this movie was shot in 1930, that’s a rather impressive accomplishment.

The final climactic shootout is so well-choreographed and while the sets and props look extremely dated, I must say it still works. You can view it here.

Originally, I was going to watch the classic anti-war movie All Quiet on the Western Front but then I’d already seen that movie several times and wanted to see something different. That’s when I stumbled across this Hawkes anti-war movie, the only difference being that this movie doesn’t relate the anti-war sentiment as poetically and overtly like Western does.

I must say though that it feels nice to watch a movie with actual dialogue and sound effects. We’ve stepped into the modern age baby! Now bring on M and The Most Dangerous Game!

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