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100 Years of Movies in 100 Days – Day 20 – Pandora’s Box (1929)

Louise Brooks in "Pandora's Box"

Louise Brooks in "Pandora's Box"

A fifth of the way there! I’m counting down the days til the end of the month when I’ll officially be a quarter of the way done! But in the meantime, I’ll continue to shelp my way thru these silent movies. One plus that I’ve found is that you can mute the “soundtrack” and open up a music app on your computer and listen to something a bit more modern. Say, something with drums or perhaps a guitar.

Today’s viewing was the German movie Pandora’s Box, complete with German title cards and really small, quickly disappearing subtitles. But no matter, I watched the entire movie listening to Eddie Money Live and a part of the Best of E.L.O. (I must say the opening sequence to this movie + Shakin’ by Eddie Money = quality laughs)

This is one of those movies where the main character rises and then we watch them fall because of their own stupidity. Or amorality in this case. The young, naive (amoral) girl in this movie is played with pitch perfect zest by Louise Brooks. She catapulted to great fame and became the queen of Jazz Age cinema thanks to her performance in this movie as a hedonistic dancer. Since probably nobody reading this is going to want to sit and watch this movie anyway, I’ll tell you she dies in the end. There. I saved you an hour and half of your time/life. (But if you were going to watch it, you can see it coming, so I didn’t really ruin anything.)

Onward now to The Dawn Patrol and the 1930’s! I love Howard Hawks movies! Maybe I’ll watch tomorrow’s with the sound actually on!

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