Favorite Movies of 2018: 30-16

We’re getting to the top of the list now as I look back on my favorite movies of 2018.

See 31-45 here and 46-60 here. You can also view the full list over on Letterboxd.

There are some really good movies in here and plenty of pleasant surprises. Netflix dropped two solid films – The Night Comes for Us and Bird Box while Amazon’s Destination Wedding reminded me of the classic Ethan Hawke-Julie Deply Before Sunset/Sunrise movies with it’s beautifully free-flowing dialogue.

Probably the biggest surprises here though was Blockers which I went in with very low expectations but came away really liking. Blockers was just another example of a poorly/inaccurately marketed movie. A very solid sleeper hit.

After a somewhat slow build in the beginning, Revenge really blew me away in the final act.

Two Japanese movies make this group – After the Rain with a soon-to-be breakout star Anna Komatsu and the final chapter in Chihayafuru starring Suzu Hirose and Mackenyu.


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