Interview: Emilia Clarke on How ‘Solo’ Is Different Than Previous ‘Star Wars’ Films

Solo: A Star Wars Story races into theaters this holiday weekend and star Emilia Clarke shared her thoughts on the film, her character, and what traits she shares with Qi’Ra.


On What Sets Solo Apart From Other Star Wars Movies:

It takes place in a part of Star Wars that we have not spent a huge amount of time in before: the dark, shady, gangster underworld. [Variety]


Can Han Trust Qi’ra?

I think she has done some dark things. Han softens her. She’s bound to the lifestyle she has found herself in to survive, but she will always hold the torch for Han, and it’s that realization which keeps her human and keeps her in this ambiguous place of whether she’s good or bad.


On Ron Howard Taking Over as Director Mid-Shoot:

He literally couldn’t have been better and just to held us all in the most beautiful way and allowed us to be– he made us all feel heard, which in a movie of this scale is so impressive.


What Traits She Shares with Qi’Ra:

Qi’ra is definitely a survivor. She does what she needs to do to keep being around. She’s lived a huge amount in the short time that we don’t see here. And I had to grow up really quickly. [The Positive Mom]

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