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Review: ‘Deadpool’ Rises To The Occasion


Hello there. Deadpool here to review the greatest not-superhero movie you will ever see. It stars the guy who played Green Lantern in that other comic book universe and took forever to get to the big screen because old studio executive types didn’t see the appeal of a not-superhero who goes around cursing, killing bad guys, cracking witty one-liners, and making fun of that Hugh Jackman guy.

But seriously though, there is a lot of ground to cover in this movie from how I used to look like Ryan Reynolds to this girl who later became my prettier half that I slept with on holidays that looks exactly like Morena Baccarin. And since these type of movies need a bad guy, he’s there too along with a “Colossal” X-Man you’ve probably heard of and one you probably haven’t. Watch this cool little clip below!

I also have to applaud T.J. Miller who does a fantastic job playing my buddy Weasel in the film. And as long as we’re speaking of Millers, kudos to Tim Miller for a solid directorial debut, although honestly, with the camera pointed at me, was there ever any doubt that this movie wouldn’t be a hit?

Some of you comic book types might find the origin portions of the movie a bit drawn out, but we needed to catch everybody up on the character’s background. We made sure to throw in plenty of cool slow motion action scenes for the guys and shots of Mr. Reynolds’ tush for the ladies. Tush. Such a fluffy word.

Anyway, enough reading on this site that you’ve probably never even heard of. Go watch Deadpool this Valentine’s Day/President’s Day weekend with your friends, because the only time you should have this much fun by yourself is… what? Oh, you’re putting the trailer below this. Ok, cool. Deadpool out! No, wait, that sounded too Captain whats-his-face. Deadpool signing off? Too news-y. Oh f*ck it! Just watch the trailer and get your tickets here.

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