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What I Watched… (Vol. 11)

This is something I’ll be doing on a monthly basis as I gradually build that Every Movie I’ve Seen in 2013 list, which will most likely go live sometime next month. In the meanwhile, here’s the list of every movie I watched in April. It’s a decidedly short list. Either I got a life or was busy with other stuff, but here’s what I watched this past month:

Guide: T = in theaters, S = screening, P = premiere D = DVD, B = BluRay

Pain & Gain (T)

Pain and Gain

Not bad, not great. Trailers made it look like a slapstick caper comedy, but it plays as a twisted, dark and often times one-note movie.

Midnight Run (D)

DeNrio and Grodin are really good in this movie that felt like it started to drag a bit toward the end.

Cowboy Bebop: The Movie (D)

Cowboy Bebop

Been almost a decade since I’d seen it, so good to re-visit it. I watched it this time picturing Keanu Reeves as Spike, since that rumor was floating around a few years ago.

Hot Coffee (D)

Really boring documentary that starts off examining that story about the lady who burned herself by spilling McDonalds coffee on her lap and then segues into examining frivolous lawsuits.

42 (S)


A sanitized biopic about the struggles of Jackie Robinson breaking into major league baseball. Chadwick Boseman was great as Jackie as are the supporting cast – Nicole Beharie, Harrison Ford, Chris Meloni and Alan Tudyk in a scene-stealing, blatantly uncomfortable scene midway into the film.

Disconnect (S)


Like Crash, but with computers. Acting is pretty good all around, but the story begins to drag toward the end. There is a gorgeous slow-motion montage sequence at the very end though.

To the Wonder (P)


Very hypnotic to watch. It’s like watching a two-hour perfume commercial. Rachel McAdams is in this movie for about 10 minutes. The rest of the time, it’s Affleck, Kurylenko and Bardem wandering around Oklahoma.

Mud (S)


Another command performance by Matthew McConaughey and a solid job by director Jeff Nichols. Solid acting all around in this film. Definitely seek this one out. It’s one of the best pre-summer movies of the year.

Friends with Kids (D)

Really bland and at times predictable. These people just started to get on my nerves as the movie progressed.

Headhunters (D)


It’s a slow boil but holy hell does it kick into gear about midway in. There’s a scene in an outhouse that, well, I’m not going to spoil it for you, but it’s pretty disgusting.

Iron Man 3 (S)


Saw this twice. First time, just blown away by all the candy-coated fireworks going on screen. Second time around, I was able to focus on the story and while still a good film, there are some flaws to it. There’s several twists in the film, but the one big character twist will dictate whether you like this film or not. The more I think about it, the more it irks me.

That’s it for this month. I know, short list. I’ll look to kick it up in May (I say this now, but let’s see how things progress.)

5 thoughts on “What I Watched… (Vol. 11)

    • It’s hypnotic because of the music and the way it’s shot. It’s like watching the most captivating two hour perfume commercial ever made.

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