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100 Years of Movies in 100 Days – Day 88 – Men in Black (1997)

Check it, it's the M.i.B's

Check it, it's the M.i.B's

Damn, I had hoped to squeeze in my very first viewing of Good Will Hunting tonight. But alas, due to time constraints, it was not to be. Instead, I went with the shorter Men In Black, complete with Will Smith’s rap song of the same name.

This movie actual holds a special place in my heart and it has nothing to do with Tommy Lee Jones’ rugged charm. I had watched this movie when it had first come out. A month later, I was in England with my first girlfriend and one night, we decided to kill some time by checking out a movie at this theater in London. I don’t know if we thought it was going to be different or something. But we sat in the back of the theater doing the things that teenagers do in the back of the theater and, well, it was a memorable night.

Switching gears, I can’t believe that after tomorrow, there will only be TEN more days to go!! Woo hoo!! It’s almost over!!

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