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100 Years in 100 Days – Day 2 – L’Inferno (1911)

The final showdown in L'Inferno

The final showdown in L'Inferno

I’m not gonna kid you, L’Inferno bored me to tears. Well, bored me to take a half hour nap is more like it. And the new age soundtrack composed by Tangerine Dream didn’t help matters.

The jist of the story goes that two guys – Dante and Virgil – are on a quest to hell and back. (Excellennnt!… Sorry, that was Bill and Ted) They meet a bunch of people they new back in the day in Florenece, Italy and eventually, they throw down with Lucifer. I don’t need to tell you that they find their way out of hell because I just mentioned it two sentences ago.

Man, the soundtrack made me feel SO drowsy. The nap helped me plug thru the final twenty minutes of this movie. Tomorrow, is D.W. Griffith’s The Girl and Her Trust. Here’s hoping for a more entertaining movie.

3 thoughts on “100 Years in 100 Days – Day 2 – L’Inferno (1911)

    • By the way, the picture you posted doesn’t show the final showdown in the Inferno. It shows the encounter with Pluto, not with Lucifer. Just as your description of Dante and Virgil as “two guys”, this pretty much shows your total lack of knowledge of the original poem and of Gustave Dore’s late 1800 illustrations, which are the main source for the movie beside Dante Alighieri’s poem. Don’t bother watching movies you are not willing to understand…

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