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100 Years of Movies in 100 Days – Day 1 – (1910) Frankenstein

The Monster from 1910's Frankenstein

The Monster from 1910's Frankenstein

So here we go. What will undoubtedly be an interesting and memorable challenge. 100 years of movies in 100 days. Today, I begin with the 1910 production of Frankenstein, which I viewed on YouTube. The entire movie is just twelve and a half minutes long.

Probably the most notable thing here is that Frankenstein isn’t the monster we’ve all come to know and fear, but rather the scientist. On the eve of his wedding, Dr. Frankenstein gets the random idea of creating “the perfect human being,” but instead, creates a creature simply called “The Monster,” who looks like he stepped out of Michael Jackson’s Thriller video.

On the wedding night, the monster ambushes the bride but before any harm can come to her, the good doctor chases him away. I didn’t get the ending. The Monster looks into the mirror and appears to say, “Noooo!!” or “Whyyyyy?!” and then suddenly he disappears into the mirror. Then the doctor appears and looks at the monster in the mirror, points at him and then *poof* the monster is gone. Then, for less than five seconds, the doctor looks at the mirror wondering what the heck just happened before his wife runs in and hugs him. The end.

Maybe they just ran out of film. I did like the campy music though. The print of this film is really aged though and not in a good wine or cheese sort of way. Here’s hoping tomorrow’s print of L’Inferno is in better condition. Feel free to watch the movie below. It’s really short. Well, one down, ninety-nine to go.

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