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Dissecting Bond… James Bond. Part 3

Bond Collage courtesy of mrgadget.com.au

Bond Collage courtesy of mrgadget.com.au

OK, so here we go. Top five. The creme de la creme.

5. On Her Majesty’s Service: George Lazenby’s one and only turn as the British ladies man turns in one helluva performance. It’s such a pivotal chapter in the Bond series too. The only film (so far) where Bond ends up married and the tragic circumstances that close this movie reverberate throughout the rest of the series. Countless times, that one moment in the end is referred to in other Bond movies. Plus the opening punchline is priceless. An all-around well-done Bond movie.

4. Live and Let Die: Roger Moore’s debut backed by The Beatles singing the opening sequence signified that a new era had begun. The sophisticated Sean Connery era had ended and the rock-n-roll Roger Moore era had begun. I loved the boat chase (also busted by the Mythbusters) although I hated the way it ended and Bond just so conveniently happens to park at HQ. Jane Seymour is also sensous but strong as Solitaire, the psychic who’s, well, not so pyschic. Overall a fun movie.

Jane Seymour and Roger Moore in, "Live and Let Die"

3. The World Is Not Enough: Honestly, I love the three movies at the top here. I could easily shuffle them around and still be content. In fact, before I began typing this, I had this movie as my #1. They’re all interchangeable. The one thing that made me drop this movie down was Brosnan’s Bond relies a bit too much on automatic weapons and not enough on the Walther PPK. Yes, I know, a trifle complaint, but I have to justify putting this movie in the number three spot somehow. And Denise Richards is pleasantly unannoying for a change. Robert Carlyle and Sophie Marceau also do an excellent jobs as the baddies. Plus, the opening sequence is absolutely breath-taking! Check out a snippet below!

2. Licence to Kill: Timothy Dalton on a mean streak. This is how a Bond revenge flick should be done. *ahem* Daniel Craig. Robert Davi as Franz Sanchez, is, for my money, the most cold-blooded and perfectly cast Bond villain yet. Even Talisa Soto‘s (you might know her better as Kitana from Mortal Kombat)terrible acting can’t keep me from liking this movie. Check out the trailer to get an idea of just the pure machismo coursing through this movie! Daniel Craig wishes he was this good!

1. Goldfinger: The best. A real villain for a change. Two actually with OddJob. And depending on which side you think Pussy Galore falls on, a hat trick of evil! Love the poolside card game shake down in the beginning and death by gold paint (although the Mythbusters busted this) is iconic. Auric Goldfinger isn’t the most evil bad guy but there’s a certain evil charm about him. This is essentially a bank heist movie but on a grander scale. With Bond. My favorite line comes from when Bond first hears of Goldfinger’s name, to which he replies, “Sounds like a French nail varnish.”

OK, time for your thoughts. Rate the Bond movies according to your least favorite to most favorite!

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