September 2018 Movie Recap: Welcoming A New Movie to the Top Ten for the Year

Another month of movies in the books. In this post, I’m sharing my favorite, least favorite, most surprising and most disappointing movies of September.

If you’d like to jump back in time, you can check out August 2018 movies here.


Favorite Movie of September 2018: A Simple Favor

This slot had originally been reserved for White Boy Rick until this little gem from director Paul Feig came along. Starring Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively with a solid supporting turn from Henry Golding (from Crazy Rich Asians) the mystery-turned-thriller gradually builds before delivering a number of gleefully delicious twists at the end. Highly recommended!

Least Favorite Movie of September 2018: The House with the Clock in the Walls

The big problem with this movie is that the trailers made it look like some slapstick comedy but instead what we get is a multi-layered plot that plods along to its predictable ending. Don’t get me wrong, when it the jokes and gags work, they work really well, but this movie felt like it had three different identities and couldn’t figure out where it wanted to go. Ultimately, it chooses to take the safe path toward a rather mundane conclusion. Such wasted potential here.

Most Surprising Movie of September 2018: Smallfoot

I’m not going to kid you, I had very low expectations for this movie. There was nothing about it that really looked appealing to me from the trailers. It just had the vibe of another throw-away animated film while we wait for the next Disney movie to arrive. While the story does start off a bit slow, it is still amusing and when the story really gets rolling, it’s thoroughly entertaining and a fun ride to the finish.

Most Disappointing Movie of September 2018: Peppermint

There are a handful of movies that could actually fill this slot. Predator is one. The Nun is another. But honestly, I didn’t really expect either of those movies to be any good. Peppermint on the other hand saw the promise of returning Jennifer Garner to the action genre that helped launch her career. But instead of a Sidney Bristow-esque Alias type badass, we got this dour revenge drama that essentially took the premise of Taken but made it much darker and serious in tone.

Other Movies Watched: White Boy Rick

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