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Review: ‘The Commuter” Finds Liam Neeson in a Jumbled Mystery Thriller

Liam Neeson may have said that he is done with action movies and if that’s the case, then it’s a shame he’s rounding things out with The Commuter. (He still has one more action drama, Hard Powder due out later this year.)

That’s not to say that the film doesn’t have some fantastic sequences but rather than jumping straight in to the heart of the plot, we’re dragged through about 30 minutes of exposition before the wheels start turning in motion. It’s literally feels like you’re one of the passengers trapped on the commuter train.


The Commuter was directed by Jaume Collet-Serra who previously directed Neeson in Non-Stop, Run All Night, and (not sure if this is really an Easter Egg but) Unknown – the ID that keeps popping up on the cell phone that Neeson is being directed through in this movie.

Obviously, after making four movies together Collet-Serra knows where Neeson’s strengths are and we see plenty of fantastic action sequences in the back half of the film. In the final third we get a series of plot twists that brings us to figure out who really set everything up to begin with – and that’s where everything starts to fall apart.

None of it makes sense at the end. At the risk of revealing major spoilers, I’ll simply say that Patrick Wilson once again gets hemmed in to another bland and forgettable role.

The Commuter is fine enough if you’re taking advantage of a matinee or discount theater day and it’s certainly a strong enough rental but in the end there are much more well-made movies that this whodunit, namely Speed.

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