‘Hidden Figures’ Soars in January 2017 Movie Recap

Time to look back on the winners and busts from the first month of 2017.  Number of high profile films failed to nab the top spot at the box office and were fended off by the red hot Hidden Figures.


First, here are the top five grossing openings for January 2017:

Split – $40 million opening, worldwide total of $102.7 million

Underworld: Blood Wars – $13.7 million opening, worldwide total of $78 million

Monster Trucks – $10.95 million opening, worldwide total of $51.1 million

xXx: The Return of Xander Cage – $20.1 million opening, worldwide total of $123.4 million

The Bye Bye Man – $13.5 million opening, worldwide total of $24.1 million

Quick Take: It’s important to note that Hidden Figures had a moderate expansion in January and banked more than $65 million domestically in January. Meanwhile awards juggernaut La La Land got a Golden Globes boost to run its total to nearly $100 million domestically and $175 million worldwide.

A Dog’s Purpose managed to shrug off some pre-release controversy to open at $18.2 million, although there will always be the question of how much that movie would have made had the TMZ video not been released. Regardless, the film should be able to at least break even on it’s $22 million budget.

The big surprise of the month (aside from Figures) has to be Split, which landed an impressive (for January) $40 million opening and continued it’s momentum its second week.


The big flop looks to be the Jamie Foxx crime drama Sleepless, which has managed to total $19 million worldwide. The film never really got a good push behind it, but it reamins to be seen how it will perform in the secondary market of rentals, home video and streaming.

The big question remains with Underworld which had it’s lowest franchise opening with Blood Wars but still managed to perform well internationally to run it’s month-long total to close to $100 million. That doesn’t seem like it would signal a sixth installment in the Kate Beckinsale horror action franchise, but Rise of the Lycans and the first Underworld movie finished under $100 million worldwide and still managed to spur future films.


We’ll take a look at the big movies opening up in February in the next post. For now, which were your favorite movies of January? Which ones were disappointments? Which ones surprised you? Comment below!

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