‘Inside Out’ Creators Dish Behind The Scenes Trivia

While Disney Legends were being honored in one hall, the creators of Inside Out were sharing secrets about the hit summer movie in another. Joined by Sadness herself, Phyllis Smith, director Pete Docter and co-writer Josh Cooley dished on how Inside Out came together. Here is a hit list a the secrets that were shared:

– Sadness was originally a guy named Bud who cried all the time. The creators felt that was going to grow old quickly and changed him to have dialogue.


– They then saw Smith in Bad Teacher and felt she had the perfect voice for Sadness. The character was changed, the dialogue updated and a new Sadness was born.


– Smith got the call to play the character while laying on her couch in her home in St. Louis.

– The Pizza Planet truck is in the movie THREE times. Docter said that even if you looked for it, you’d probably still miss it. He gave a hint to look in the memories sequences.


– Other emotions were also considered early on. Pride, Dignity and Hope were among those considered, but were eventually folded into Joy. Depression was also considered, but Docter rationalized that while Sadness has its good points and helps us heal, there is nothing good about depression.

– Lewis Black’s first impression after hearing the pitch for the movie: “Okay, I’ll be in Pixar’s first bomb.”


– Docter teased the idea of Love being the new dominant character, “if there is a sequel.”

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