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8 Movies I’m Looking Forward to in 2011


Cedar Rapids – When the initial synopsis for this movie came out, I must admit, I was a bit skeptical. It didn’t sound like much of a comedy. Let the trailer that was just released a few days ago serve as evidence that almost all doubt has been wiped away. This movie looks to be The Hangover of 2011.

“I’m having a perfect moment…”

The Adjustment Bureau – This movie keeps getting pushed back, which doesn’t bode well for the prospects of this movie being as awesome as I’m expecting. It could be another Matt Damon spring dud (2010 dud = The Green Zone). Not really sure what to make of the trailer, although it does look interesting. Plus Emily Blunt. 🙂 and Roger Sterling, I mean, John Slattery from Mad Men!

“I was defenseless against the dress…”

Take Me Home Tonight – From the initial trailer it looks like one of those 80’s themed comedies that Adam Sandler used to be so good at delivering. If anything, I get to hear Eddie Money’s “Take Me Home Tonight,” pumping through theater speakers.

“Straight outta Compton…”

Your Highness – The green band trailer that came out this past week was funny. The red band trailer that came out about a month ago was even better. If Cedar Rapids doesn’t deliver the gross-out crude humor that me and the world are expecting, I suspect this movie will. Plus it’s got Natalie Portman. Score!

“Suck it! Suck the venom!” (Red Band Trailer)

Fast Five – The only reason I have any interest in watching this movie is the prospect of seeing Vin Diesel and The Rock throwing down! Plus the storyline looks like it’s tapping back into the gritty original, which is all good.

“… and above all else, we don’t ever, EVER, let them get in their cars.”

X-Men: First Class – I haven’t missed an X-Men movie and I don’t plan to start now. Not to mention that this movie’s cast list reads like the client list of a talent agency.

Not the official trailer, but a well-made fan one:

Cars 2 – Of all the movies on this list, this is the one that I’m the most skeptical about. The storyline just doesn’t look all that interesting, but with Pixar, you can always count on them doing a great job all around.

“Tow Mater… average intelligence.”

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 – The most obvious movie to add to this list. The end of the series. This movie is going to be HUGE! I predict a billion dollar worldwide box office. Easy.

Awesome fan-made trailer:

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