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100 Years of Movies in 100 Days – Day 81 – King of New York (1990)

Fisburne and Walken in "King of New York"

Fisburne and Walken in "King of New York"

Well, you couldn’t get any further away from yesterday’s Dinsey family-friendly film Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. Seeing as this is a journey through all kinds of movie, I have not yet screened an NC-17 or X rated movie. Until today. Well, kinda. King of New York originally was rated X when it first screened, but not for gratuitous nudity or graphic sexual activity. Instead, for graphic, pervasive violence and language. Nowadays, studios get around the X/NC-17 rating by slapping “Unrated” on their poster/DVD case. And trust me, Unrated is not always better. For Live Free and Die Hard, the unrated version was awesome. For Sex Drive, not so much (and the creators repeatedly warn you before the movie starts).

But back to King. This version of Christopher Walken falls under the creepy wacko category. Laurence Fishburne is really good though and I damn near say he steals this movie. And since I watched Goodfellas for work recently, I might as well add it in this entry since it is a 1990 movie and is, without question, the greatest mafia movie ever made. And it has psychotic Joe Pesci in it. Just don’t call him a funny guy. About as good as Samuel L.’s “Hamburger/Say What Again!/Ezekiel 25:17” scene.

Don't call him a funny guy.

Don't call him a funny guy.

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