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100 Years of Movies in 100 Days – Day 54 – Charade (1963)

Audrey Hepburn in "Charade"

Audrey Hepburn in "Charade"

Back in my early-20’s (man, it pains me to say that) when a classic actress by the name of Audrey Hepburn appeared on my movie radar screen, I went on a binge, watching almost every Hepburn movie that existed. Along with Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Roman Holiday, I spent an entire weekend devouring classic Hepburn movies such as Sabrina, Funny Face, War and Peace, My Fair Lady and today’s feature presentation, Charade. By the way, I also recommend Wait Until Dark.

Anyway, in reading the initial synopsis of Charade, I knew I was in for a treat. Here was Hepburn teamed up with the almost-always excellent Walter Mattheau. I had just watched North by Northwest and contrary to the general perception of that movie, I absolutely hated it. So Cary Grant had a little something to prove. For the first half hour or so while this movie was setting itself up, I was starting to lose hope. But I perservered and boy was it worth it! The final half hour of this movie features some excellent story-telling, acting and twists! And i held a special part in my heart since my Dad used to be a hardcore timbrophiliac and tried to pass the philia on to me. I’m not going to ruin it for you (unles you know what timbrophilia is), but I highly recommend Charade. Unlike other movies that I re-watched in this 100 Days series and came away less-than-satisfied, Charade delivered the goods. Kinda like how Goldfinger is gonna deliver the goods tomorrow, courtesy of Bond. James Bond.

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