My Favorite Movies of 2014

The end of the year is here and as I’ve been doing for several years now on Cinemaniax, it’s time for my selection of favorite movies from 2014. Keep in mind the specific use of the word “favorite” instead of “top” or “best.” I’ll leave those latter two for you all to debate about during the ensuing months leading up to the Oscars in March.

The full list of every movie I watched in 2014 is available on Letterboxd. Before we jump into this list, obviously there are a few films that are still outstanding that I haven’t had a chance to watch. While I won’t add them into this list after watching them, they will be added to the Letterboxd account once I’ve viewed them. Those films are as follows:

Boyhood, Whiplash, Inherent Vice, The Babadook, The Imitation Game, Nightcrawler, A Most Violent Year, Foxcatcher and Calvary.

Enough of what’s not on the list and on to my favorites. Here is what the Top 10 look like:


These films are interchangeable and shuffle around a few spots within the top ten, but not including the movies I haven’t watched yet listed above, these are my top ten for the year. Again, an updated version will be available over on Letterboxd as well as the full list of every 2014 movie I watched.

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