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100 Years of Moviesin 100 Days – Day 83 – Reservoir Dogs (1992)

Every dog has it's day.

Every dog has it's day.

I can honestly say this much. It’s a good thing I’ve already watched Reservoir Dogs a bajillion times before today’s screening, because watching Tarantino movie at 6a. is pretty crazy. First off, I’m barely half-awake. Second, I’m watching a movie about double-crossing thieves and Michael Madsen hacking a cop’s ear off while munching on a bowl of cereal. Third, I can’t watch it in Surround Sound because I’d probably get a visit from the cops cuz somebody would mistake the gunshots for, well, REAL gunshots. And fourth and finally, I’m about to go battle morning rush hour traffic. Better bring some chill music along or tune into some sports talk radio.

The first time I heard of this movie was in the summer of 1999 while I was in England. It just happened to be included in some retrospective gallery thing in Total Film magazine. And I saw the following picture of Tim Roth and thought, man, I gotta check this movie out!

He's gonna need more than a Band-Aid.

He's gonna need more than a Band-Aid.

Of course after watching it the first time, and then the second and third, etc., the dialogue and writing style began to seep into the way I wrote my own scripts. Tarantino was one of the greatest finds in my life in that he opened my eyes to so many movies I probably would have never watched. But then on the flip side, his writing style was so addictive that as it fused with my own style, my scripts began to sound like they were told by him and written by me. I’ve since been able to separate myself from his style, mainly cuz he went in a totally different underground B-movie direction, but he was atremendous influence on my movie tastes…. He’s still alive by the way. I know I’m making it sound like he died or something.

So now, tonight, TRON:Night on the lot at Universal Studios! Can’t wait! It’s gonna be awesome! Hopefully Olivia Wilde will be there! Fingers crossed.

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