A Look at Upcoming Lists

James Bond Panorama

The First Movie List Will Be…

One of the main features of this blog was to showcase lists about varying subjects (mainly movies and food) but my first couple list entries have been taking a while to complete. One of the first comprehensive Movie Lists will be a total breakdown of the James Bond series, from the first one (Dr. No) to the latest (Quantum of Solace). I plan on not only ranking every movie in this series from best to worst (in my opinion, of course), but also include a list of the hottest Bond girls and best villans and perhaps a few choice WTH moments. And of course, I’ll rank my preferences between the various actors who have assumed the role of 007.

Other Movie Lists

Following the Bond series, I will jump right into the entire Police Academy series. (No one said this was going to be glamourous.) But that been said, there will also be susequent lists for virtually every movie franchise from Die Hard and Lethal Weapon to Spiderman and Ninja Turtles. And when the summer movie season has come to an end, we’ll take a look back at the good, the bad and the ugly from Summer 2010.

The First Food List Challenge Will Be…

Sweet Potato Fries

As mentioned, this site will occasionally feature Food Lists as well. Unless specifically specifed, I’m going to limit the rankings to a field of ten. That been said, I’m officially throwing the doors open and beginning the first food “challenge” – the search is on to find the ten best Sweet Potato Fries. Feel free to offer up your recommendations.

So there you have a general idea of what’s to come. I have two movies left in the Bond franchise – The World is Not Enough and Die Another Day – before I can begin.

As always, feel free to offer up your suggestions on movie or food lists.

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