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Ranking Top 10 R-Rated Action Thriller Movies

After a week of watching Solo slump and Deadpool 2 continue to pile on to its domestic box office, two thrillers are arriving in theaters this weekend.

We’ll get to Ocean’s 8 in due time, but for this post we’re celebrating the release of Hotel Artemis (not to be confused with Artemis Fowl) by looking at the top 10 R-Rated Action Thrillers as voted by movie fans on Ranker.

VOTE: Favorite R-Rated Action Thrillers of All-Time

10. Face/Off

BONUS: Honest Trailers Version

9. Air Force One

8.Crimson Tide

7. Point Break

BONUS: Honest Trailers Version

6. True Lies

BONUS: Making of True Lies

5. Rambo

4. Ronin

BONUS: That One Car Chase Sequence

3. Die Hard 2

BONUS: Honest Trailer Version (of Die Hard)

2. Rambo II

1. Dirty Harry




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