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Review: ‘Maze Runner’ Franchise Limps to Conclusion in ‘Death Cure’

While the final installment will hold some thrills for fans of the franchise, casual movie-goers are probably better off skipping Maze Runner: The Death Cure.

There are certainly plenty of slickly choreographed action sequences (including the opening scene of the film) to hold ones attention but the story feels so drawn out, like it’s trying to squeeze every bit of juice out of an already fully-wrung slice of orange.

Yes, it’s one of those movies. An Energizer battery of a movie that just keeps going and going… The kind where just when you think the movie is about to wrap things up, it decides to tack on another 20 minutes and when you think you’ve finally (mercifully) reached the end, it just keeps going.

The one positive out of all of it is that the film does allow its star Dylan O’Brien to heave this plot-thin, action-heavy movie on his shoulders and carry it to its conclusion.

If there’s any piece of consolation here, it’s that the filmmakers had the good sense not to drag the trilogy of books into four movies, but then again The Death Cure feels like it runs so long that you’ll think you’ve been sitting through two movies.

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